Optional for Trekking Expeditions (for Chin Hill- Kan Pet Let)

Explore to Chin Hill
Route: Bagan-Mt. Victoria-Bagan

Days: 5 days- 4 nights

Day 1.Bagan-Kan Pet Let

tour13After breakfast, this morning drive to Mt. Victoria, Chin State. The Chin state is a mountainous region, and source of water for many river streams that wet the valleys of the mountain ranges, and flow down to the plain in the east and south. Kaw Nu Symm peak (also called Mt. Victoria or Nat Ma Taung) is the highest mountain in the Chin state, reaching a height of 10200 feet or 3100 meters above sea level.
We first pass place is Chauk 18 miles (29 km) by car, Chauk is the former hub of oil exploration and refinery complex. Now there was not much of the oil business there. We cross the Ayeyarwaddy River by Anawyahta Bridge and continued on the western region of the country. Chin State, about 8 hours from Bagan. The road was one lane paved and not bad. A land of misty skies, towering pines, and the beautiful Alpen rose or Tree rhododendrons, much of the state offers vistas of unspoiled charm. On arrival Kan-pet-let, check-in hotel then enjoy the serene landscape filled with green trees and hazy mountains.Stay overnight Mountain Oasia in Kan-pet-let.

Day 2.Kan Pet Let-Mt. Victoria hiking

After the early morning hot and delicious breakfast we left for the base camp in the jeeps about 2 hours. In the past people had to walk all the way to the summit. Now things were made easier by expanding the mountain trail so jeeps or four wheel drive cars could go up till the base station at nearly 2700 meters above the sea. The base camp is called 10 miles station. Now you prepared for the final climb, this time on foot, Mt. Victoria.
The weather is cold. There were not much trees. Since you enter to Chin Hills you do not see much of the thick forests. There were pines, flowers, birds. Walk 2.5 km from the 10 miles uphill to the peak. You will meet several monks at the summit, who walked from their monastery.
Walking down was not as strenuous as the ascent. There were not much steep slopes along the ridges. Then come back to lodge and go out to visit the Chin villages nearby.Stay overnight Mountain Oasia in Kan-pet-let

Day 3.Kan Pet Let - Mindut

Depart for Mindut by car about 6 hours. On the way you can stop Chin tribe village and visit local life.Stay overnight Mountain Oasia in Mindut.

Day 4.Mindut hiking

tour14Breakfast at Resort then start trekking around the village such as Kyar Do village and Loppe village and enjoy Chin tribal dance, nose flute, antique beads, full face Tattoos Chin Lady and women, hand  weaving etc…..Stay overnight Mountain Oasia in Mindut.




Day 5.Mindut-Pauk-Bagan

Drive to Kanpetlet, and proceed to Pauk, and continue to Pakokku, then drive over the Bridge and proceed to Bagan....Stay overnight hotel in Bagan.


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