Syrium (Thanlyin)

Syrium is about an hour’s drive from Yangon passing through some of the most scenic view of the agricultural countryside. The famous and sacred Ye Le Paya Pagoda is in the centre of the Thanlyin river. A short ride on the traditional open boat known as “Sampan” will be a great experience that you will talk about for some time.


Twante is a small town accessible by an exciting boat ride along some 21 miles of canal. Along the way, you can stop over to see the region’s most famous pottery been made. Cottage industry like Cotton weaving the traditional way has provided the locals with a means of income.


Bago is about 8o km from Yangon. It used to be the country’s main seaport. Situated on the Bago Yoma mountain range with the 4th largest river in Myanmar, Bago is the most intensive rice cultivation region. The massive Shwemawdaw Pagoda and the reclining Shwethalaung Buddha are two of the many religious monuments are also located here. It also houses the Palace of Khambawzaterdi which dates back to the 16th Century.

thanlyin bago03


Situated about 11 km south of Mandalay, Amarapura is the ancient capital of Konbaung Dynasty. It was the capital before Mandalay was built. Places of interest include the Patodawgyi Pagoda, U Bein Bridge which is the world’s longest teakwood bridge at more than 1.2km long, Maha Gandayon Monastry with more than 1,000 monks and the numerous silk and cotton weaving workshops.


Sagaing is the centre of hundreds of nunneries and monasteries. The view from the Soon O Pony Shin Pagoda on the hills is awesome. The Kaung Mu Daw which is the unique white dome shaped stupa is not far from Sagaing and worth a visit.

mandalay02 sagaing


Innwa (Ava) lies 20 km south west of Mandalay. Founded by the Shan King Thadominbya in 1364, it remained the royal capital for almost 5 centuries. Visitors cross the river on a ferry and ride around the sites of Innwa in a horse-drawn pony cart. Highlights include the Nanmyint Watchtower, Bagaya Teak wood Monastery, Maha Aungmye Bonzan, Htilaingshin Paya and alms bowls making workshops.


Mingun is located 11km up the Ayeyarwaddy River on the western bank of Mandalay. It houses the unfinished Stupa at the ruins of Mingun Pahtodawgyi. The Great Mingun Bell castedin the 18th century is one of the biggest in the world weighing 87 tons.

mandalay01 minngun

Pyinoolwin (Maymyo)

At an elevation of 1070 metres Pyin Oo Lwin has very pleasant temperature year round, even in the hot season. It is the resort and recreational centre for the former British government and wealthy businessmen with many stylish former British houses. The Botanical Gardens, waterfalls and caves nearby are really worth a visit.

Mount Popa

Mt. Popa is an extinct volcano which was last active 250,000 years ago. It rises up more than 1500 m from the flatland. On the top is a complex of monasteries, pagodas and Buddhist shrines. Not only the view from there is breath-taking, it will be most challenging and rewarding for anyone to climb the but also rewarding 700 steps up a winding stairway.

pyinoolwin popa


Shan State is the biggest State in Myanmar, it is recreation centre of Myanmar, ideal for hiking and bicycling in and around the many green and high mountains. There are more than 30 tribes living in Shan state such as Shan, Pao ,Palung, Wa, Danu, etc. The climate is very pleasant and cool year round. You can easily extend your trip to Innle, Pindaya, Kalaw, Taunggyi, Kukku and many exciting and interesting destinations nearby.


Heho airport is the main gateway to Southern Shan State. It also has a very colourful 5 Days Market in which the cattle market is especially interesting.

Innle Lake

It located 2950 ft above the sea level, surrounded by mountain. It is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in Myanmar. On this lake you can see the unique single leg rower fishing method which can only be found in Inle Lake. There is also the growing of vegetables on floating islands on the lake. Villagers live on simple houses on stilts along the banks of the lake.


Pindaya is located 60 km from Heho Airport. On The way to Pindaya you pass through Pa-O villages. Pindaya is a peaceful town and famous for it’s Lime Stone Caves which date back some two hundred years millions ago (there are more then 8000 Buddha Images in this cave). It also produces Traditional Myanmar umbrella for generations.


Kalaw is a beautiful hill station surrounded by pine trees and forests. There are several interesting hill tribe villages in the area including the Palaung and Pa-O tribes. This is also the former colonial Hill Station and offers cool temperatures at an elevation of more than 1400 m above the sea level. It has plenty of trekking trails.


Taunggyi is capital city of Shan State. It means Big Mountain in Myanmar language. It is a commercial town with many Chinese people. This town is clean and fresh with many colourful markets selling produce from many different ethnic groups.


KakKu is a unique temple complex that has more than 2000 stupas hidden in its ancient monuments. It really showcase the best of Shan architectural style of that era. Along the way you can see many beautiful Pa-O villages.

inle04 shan03
shan01 shan02

Ngapali Beach & Thandwe

Ngapali is a popular beach resort for locals and visitors alike. It stretches over 3km. It can be easily reached by daily flights from Yangon. Nearby are several fishing villages that you can reached by bicycle or car. You can also relax by playing golf in beautiful golf club with a well designed 18 holes course.

Ngwe Saung Beach

This beach has long stretches of crystal white sand and clear blue sea. Nearby is the town of Pathein which is well known for its traditional umbrella. The Pathein Tee (parasol) is a beautiful handicraft that you would certainly like to collect or a gift you can share with your friend back home.



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