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Attractive Site In Yangon

A metropolitan city like Yangon is famous for its beauty and history. The city was chosen by King Alaung Paya as the administrative capital of Lower Burma and named it Yangon.

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Kyaik Htiyo

Stting on a bus and looking out of the window, I was trying my best to enjoy the passing by scenery. But I could not see a thing because of misty weather.

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People who would like to have a look at historical site of Burma but do not have much time; the best place to go is Bago. It is 50miles north of Yangon and it is an hour drive.

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Regardless of natural disasters like earthquakes, neighbouring countries' invation or burglars in pursuit of treasure moulded inside the Buddha stupas, Bagan endures as one of the most prominent ancient religious sites around the world.

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Lying in the centre of Burma (Myanmar), Mandalay is prominent not only for its well-accessed business hub but also for its role as a capital city during Myanmar King's era.

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Unforgottable Trip to Upland ( SHAN )

In pursuit of a moderate weather and an amazing, alternative experience, you should travel up to Taunggyi, the capital of Shan State situating in its southern part.

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Nay Pyi Taw

Nay Pyi Taw is the administrative capital of the Union of Myanmar. Centrally located, it is 391 km from Yangon and 302 km from Mandalay, being easily accessible from all parts of the Union.

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This beach resort is located on the northern coast in Rakkhine State, about 7 km away from THANDWE (SANDOWAY), one of the ancient Rakkhine (formerly ARAKAN) towns.

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Mrauk U

Until lately, it was not so easy to get information about the ancient city MRAUK U and the area was not so accessible. Although it is often recommended to the adventurous travelers, MRAUK U is a growing destination in Myanmar.

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Most of Myanmar’s snow- capped mountains are located within the state of Kachin, Northern Part of Myanmar. Gateway to the Myanmar Himalayas is Putao.

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Other Destinations

Syrium is about an hour’s drive from Yangon passing through some of the most scenic view of the agricultural countryside.

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